Sandfords Events Centre,

A multi purpose Events Centre located in Opunake, South Taranaki.


Facility Manager required.  Applications close Wed 21st Nov.
Sandfords Events Centre.
Thursdays and Fridays 9-5pm


Sadly we are saying goodbye to Clare.  We are looking for a facility manager 2 days a week. We are looking for someone with passion for sports, recreation, events and providing opportunities for our community. Please apply in writing via post or e-mail. or send to the Opunake Sport and Recreation Trust PO Box 11, Opunake.  
We prefer you e-mail if you have any questions.

Job description includes
-Promote all Sandfords Event Centre Facilities
- Manage Admin area
- Produce newsletters
- Receive all enquiries
- Monitor area usage and equipment
- Ensure areas reserved set up as required
- Supervise and issue/return key tags
- Ensure users take reasonable care
- Receive takings, reconcile and bank for OSRT
- Manage takings, reconcile and prepare financials for - - - - Opunake Community Pools
- Manage and prepare Taranaki National Art Awards
- Clear inward correspondence
- Co-ordinate facility bookings
- Co-ordinate and direct cleaners
- Ensure Occupational Safety and Heath and local government regulations are met
- Provide reports to the trust including facility profit and loss, usage
- Attend monthly meetings of governing trust and prepare monthly meetings for Taranaki National Art Awards
- Organise regular maintenance to ensure all facilities are presented to a high standard.
- Off duty cell phone over weekends and night time in case of an emergency.

Key Outcomes  - Event organisers, Sales representatives
                           - Compliance with all Health and Safety
                           - Liase with Lessee Caters
                           - Ensure all facilities are regularly cleaned
                           - Maintain highest level of leadership

- Knowledge of general administration duties, basic accounting, building key tags, auto lighting and security systems.
- Skills needed include good communication and people management.  Budgeting, planning.  Promote team spirit with staff and volunteers.
- Personal qualities should be creative, reliable, organized and able to operate well under pressure.  It is important to be quick and efficient under pressure while being patient and careful.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a cover letter and previous experience or references to the above e-mail address or PO Box.